"[In Chandax] there are in total seventy fountains with the water of life. The best known is the King's Fountain (Fontana Morisini) which is in the square in front of the mosque dedicated to Defterdar Ahmet Pasha, in the centre of the bazaar. In the middle of a large basin, atop a small column, there is a human statue made of marble. Water spouts from its genitals for passers-by to quench their thirst. After the fall of the city, an elderly, intrepid warrior performed an operation, circumcising the statue's member with an axe. Thereafter, Defterdar Ahmet Pasha placed a spout in the basin issuing the water of life. No artwork in any country can rival it"

[Evlia Ccedilelebi, Travelogue (1668-1671), Ekati 2005, p. 248 - in Greek]